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Living life to the         Fullest?

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Dr. Sandie Freed and I so desire that you begin to live life now- starting today! I have been a Christian counselor and lifestyle coach for over twenty-seven years. My education in both of these areas include being certified counselor with Therapon Institute in Texas, a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies and a Doctorate of Divinity. 


I love helping others find their dreams ad passion in life so I have authored over fourteen books, all which empower others to fulfill divine purpose and destiny. I have a divine desire to help others discover tools that are essential for a successful life. I have been a coach and counselor to people in various walks of life; such as pastors, ministers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, students, and families. I know the importance of someone needing to feel safe while exploring various opportunities to live life to the fullest.   


If you feel “stuck” or need help with specific direction in your life, ministry or business, coaching may be the key ingredient needed in your life.  Maybe you’ve wondered what your purpose in life is, life coaching is for you. If you long for inner fulfillment I believe we can work together to understand how to address different avenues for change. My approach in coaching is to walk beside you and help you understand your value. 


Also, I desire to help you understand not just who you are but what you desire to experience in life.  Together we will discuss your life dreams and develop a plan of action.  I look forward to walking with you down a new path.

What you can gain from life coaching:

  • Discover what it is that motivates you.

  • Find out what you REALLY want in life.

  • Develop a pathway for success in life.

  • Discover opportunities of launching a new business.

  • Uncover and overcome fears and other limitations to block success.

  • Improve self-esteem and walk I confidence

  • Become empowered to make quality decisions.

  • Find your passion and your purpose

  • Create and fulfill goals and dreams.

  • Accomplish your heart’s desire.

  • Live life to the fullest- now!



1 on 1

Dr. Sandie’s life coaching sessions include options of telephone, Skype coaching and one-on one live coaching sessions.

Have questions in regards of life coaching? Please contact Dr. Sandie Freed by clicking here.

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